Goat Milk Soap from Hidden Brook Farm

Made in the Missouri Ozarks

It seemed to happen overnight--

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-- laugh lines had deepen and more fine lines appearing, not just around the eyes...but now appearing behind the laugh lines and fine lines appearing across the forehead.  Face in general now drier, looking a bit dull, and skin tone was changing.   So started to look at over the counter anti-aging products.   Found the price and ingredient list a bit surprising...and knew I could do better on both of those issues.

Pumpkin Seed Extract was one of the first things I tried that actually made a difference in a few days.  My face actually started to feel firmer along with some of the finer lines disappearing.  Would say this lotion is great for skin just starting to show signs of aging.

Pomegranate Peel Extract was the lotion that me go Oh Wow.  For my now 50+ skin there was an immediate difference in the appearance not only the fine lines but also with the deeper lines.  Skin is brighter and feeling silky soft again.



New facial products coming soon-

As we age our skin starts requiring a bit more care to maintain a soft and supple look.  Sun exposure, environment factors, and our genetics, bad nutrition is just a few things that affect our aging process.   The layers of skin change.  Pigment cells (melanocytes) decrease with age, while those that remain grow larger.   As the epidermis thins, these pigment cells become more prominent, producing brown areas known as age or liver spots. The epidermis starts thinning, making blood vessels more visible, resulting in dark circles under the eyes, and bagginess can appear there as a result of lessened collagen.

What is in the lotion you are using?  Most common ingredient that is used is mineral oil, a petroleum product.  It does helps to soften the outer most skin layer and creates a barrier that prevents your skin from losing moisture.  It doesn't penetrate deeply nor does it nourish or promote any healing of the skin.

Take a look at the ingredients used in our products listed on our ingredient page  http://www.hiddenbrookfarm.net/ingredients.htm

We are now in the process of formulating with Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which is a potent antioxidant that helps vitamins C and E work better in the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce redness, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, puffy eyes and dark circles.
Coenzyme Q10 is another ingredient that will be combined with the ALA, giving the product a  'one-two punch' with it's ability to quickly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots along with the other signs of aging,- fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circles.

You will find many creams containing these ingredients ranging from $40 on up for a few ounces.  Our goal is bring you a product that is high quality, affordable, and will keep your skin beautiful and radiant.