Goat Milk Soap from Hidden Brook Farm

Made in the Missouri Ozarks

Hidden Brook Farm is a small family farm located in Missouri's beautiful Ozark hills where we raise dairy and meat goats.  Goats just seemed to be the ideal farm animal to us.  They provide milk, meat, fiber, and they make wonderful pets. They are the best at getting and keeping an overgrown area in control, and their size is such that women and children can handle them easily.

My interest in soapmaking came about when trying to find something that didn't make my husband break out in rashes.  Like many who have this problem, we switched to every brand of commercial soaps and laundry detergents trying to find one that didn't irritate his skin. 

After much research, discovered that almost all commercial soaps are detergents.  Also, the ones that were close to being real soap, have had most of the glycerin removed to be used in other skin care products where their profit margin was much higher.

Once I started making my own goat milk soaps, not only did the skin problems disappear for my husband, but found my skin looking and feeling better.  Also I like knowing exactly what type of ingredients are being used.  We will never go back to the store bought stuff !!!!!

We handcraft our goat milk soap in small batches using a variety of high grade vegetable oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and herbs.  Our goat milk is antibiotic, hormone, and chemical free --fresh from our healthy goats!

Take a look around the site, we hope you find something that interests you.  We feel sure when you finally try our goat milk soaps you will be back again and again.